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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Touching down in Melbourne today, Jun Quemado is the international guest judge for this year's AHC competition. Jun will also be conducting a workshop tour around Australia over the next few days. Catch him in Melbourne at the following studios and be inspired! Sunday 2nd October - Passions Studios and Monday 3rd October at Unitd Styles Studios. Don't miss you opportunity to be inspired - Register to secure your place.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Love Making

Photos taken by JM Photography
Taking time out of their busy rehearsal schedules, Colette & Dru took on the podiums and set the atmosphere at Love Machine for Saturday's opening night. Thanks to MC Naps, DJ Mike$, Benki & the Love Saturdays team for a great night =) 
Check out Dru's latest piece to Ryan Leslie's "Rescue Youhere. Featuring other Melbourne talents Leroy Curwood & Trevor Santos. With such a jam-packed month, our calendar is booked out with exciting events so stay tuned for more Melbourne lovin' over the next few weeks!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Rewind Ladies and Lady B

Picture Description: [Rewind ladies from left to right: Ana, Jacqui, Emma, Anna, Charlene, Colette & Mandy]

[ During the colder months, we decided to keep ourselves warm by filming a video to Beyonce's "Til the End of Time". We quickly threw together our outfits consisting of various black pieces from each others wardrobes and took over a factory setting to shoot Mandy's latest choreograph. Check out our clip here. ]