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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Rewind HHI Crew- Interview with Acey

Picture Description: Acey

I first got to know Acey (Short for his real name - Acey...A.C.) at a concert show at Dallas Brookes when he was still with Vikings a few years ago. Back then he was heavily into breaking which formed the basis for his dance experience as he branched off more into hip hop choreography with his involvement in Vikings, Detour and now, Rewind. His breaking background has made him into a very flexible and versatile Hip hop dancer- as its given him balls to never be afraid to try anything new, no matter how physically challenging the dance move/routine may be...

Other facts: He has also recently got married- congrats from all of us once again Ace! (Sorry girls, hes off the market...)

Full Name? Angelo Christ Rodriguez (Acey)

How long have you been dancing?
Since 2000.. which would make that 7 years

Which crews have you performed with?:

What has been your most memorable experience with Hip hop dance and why?
Winning Shakedown 2006 with Rewind and Detour. Everyones hard work payed off in the end. It was the greatest!

What are you looking forward to most about going to LA and competing at HHI?
Meeting new people that share the same passion for dancing...and showing them how we do it down under. "Hows it going?" (Pronounced: Hars-it-gaaaan)

Do you have any tips for other hip hop dance crews or dancers?
Be happy and enjoy the moment. If you enjoy what you do then don't stop.


Picture Description: Twin Brothers? Vince and I at Village with the Candy bar attended who looked like Acey. Do you think they look the same?

Monday, 25 June 2007

2nd Crew, Psalms (Syd) representing OZ in HHI

Its about 30 days to go now till Rewind competes at the HHI and everything is slowing coming together. With some initial issues, the costumes are now finalised and ready to roll. I can only describe it as simple, effective and comfortable- and it should work well. The mix is currently undergoing its 7th draft as we look to chop it shorter from 2.09 min to 2.00 exactly. The rules are STRICT and we don't wanna f!@# our chances because of a formality...

Rewind leaves one week before the comp and most of the crew plan to stay at least 3 weeks. The US will under go its national comp a few days before where six of finalists will compete in the preliminaries. I figure this is a kinda 'filtering' round to boot out the shows which don't qualify on an international scale. Makes me wonder if the US will have a few entries who get past the prelims?

Video Description: Sydney crew, Psalms at Groove Blacktown

There is only one other second entry I know of from Australia. Representing Sydney is a crew called Psalms. They blew up on the dance scene in Sydney with their entries into the Groove competitions and Battlegrounds- taking out the national title last year (but still not beating NuSkool on the international side- a crew we would LOVE to compete against again...).

We don't know them personally but from what i have seen they are all very talented dancers (especially that damn lee roc- was he born with springs in his feet?) and we wish them all the luck whilst in LA. I cant really think of two better crews to represent our little ol' country of AUS.

Question: If you got the chance to fly an OZ crew to the US to represent Australia, which ones will you pick n why?
(examples? BP, 7 Sins, Psalms, NuSkool, oh ...and Rewind- Yes, you can say your own crew...)

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Cohiba and Behind the Scenes

Picture Description: Vince doing Mario Vazques- Cohiba

Im back with a double this time...

'The Space' houses some of the best hip hop dance teachers in Melbourne. Heres another from one of Vinces classes at the space.

Check out the for more info about classes there...

I cant really put up footage of HHI rehearsals so this is some footage of rehersals at United Styles, South Yarra- Its about a year old when Rewind and Detour first collaborated.

This vid also features *Yuta, who has now returned to Japan, trying on his 'banana in pajama' outfit for the first time. He did a krump set with this costume on in the middle of the dance!- we miss ya buddy!

(*Sorry Yuta, i had the Utah Jazz in my head for some reason ;p)

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Rewind HHI Crew- Interview with Anna

Picture Description: Anna

Anna, a founding member of the Detour crew has been performing with Rewind for the past year for our shows at Metro, Basslounge and Platform 1, as well as being a driving force in our Shakedown win last year. Anna is quiet spoken by nature but you would never know when she steps on stage, where she displays her hip hop dance expertise with maturity and confidence. Also a talented costume and clothing designer, you would have seen her costume design work at the Shakedown comps (With the Rewind Logo on the back, Detour logo on the pants)...

Whats your full Name?: Anna Kristine Apurado

How long have you been dancing?:
I've been dancing since 2003

Which crews have you performed with?:
Vikings, Rewind, and of course DETOUR baby!!!! and other individual collabs and shows ...

What has been your most memorable experience with Hip hop dance and why?:
There's none specific - I've got heaps of memorable experiences, especially with Detour :).
From our first dance at GROOVE Melb 2003 - To winning SHAKEDOWN 2006 in collaborating with REWIND. I'm just thankful God gave me an oppurtunity to dance and perform and meet heaps of MAD ASS friends - and everything else that we got (like winning!!!) is just a bonus.

What are you looking forward to most about going to LA and competing at HHI?:
AAAaarrrggghh!!! I'm actually really scared.

H.H.I. - i'm interested and excited to just be apart of the atmosphere
and see first hand the CRAZY talents from around the world. Excited to meet
people from other cultures and how dance is a part of their lives.
And to go there and kick ass and show the world that Australia is
not just a loner in the Southern Continent, but we can shake our booty too!!
L.A. - SHOPPING!!!!! woohoo!!!! plus seeing another type of lifestyle?
I dunno what to expect coz everyone says that it's just the same as ours... so, hmm?
Also, Rodeo drive, Universal Studios and doing classes!!!

Do you have any tips for other hip hop dance crews or dancers?:
If dancing makes you happy and takes you to another world everytime you do it,
then try never to lose sight of that passion coz that's what gets you through life.
That, and dancing with a whole bunch of friends!


Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Iceboxed back in Melbourne

Video Description: Vince and Michelle rehearsing to Omarion- Icebox

Sorry for the lack of updates as I've been away in sunny state of Queensland enjoying the weather up there for a few days. I tell ya, coming back to 4 degrees in Melbourne was pretty hard to do! Freezing!

But I do have presents! Another gem from the Rewind database of videos. This ones at Unitd Styles- Vince rehearsing the extended routine of Icebox (Very appropriate with the weather how it is). Enjoy!

Ive also seen some previews of the final routine for the HHI competition and i gotta tell ya, It has to be Rewinds best work. We have lots of updates to come to stay tuned!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Rewind HHI Crew- Interview with Susie

Picture Description: Susie

The multi-talented Susana joined the Rewind crew in 2004 bringing a valuable performance history and a deep passion for the Hip-hop dance style. She is one of the most adaptable dancers I know, able to perform any type of chorey thrown at her (although she wont admit it) and a perfectionist by nature, she is always the first to nail a routine (damn her). So just a note: don’t stand next to her in a dance class or she’ll make you look bad…

So, whats your full Name?: Susana Le (aka susie)

How long have you been dancing?:
Since 2001, started by taking classes at Melbourne Uni, The Space and then
Unitd Styles when it first opened. Never looked back since. Thought about
taking it easy this year with gigs - but when the opportunity to dance
internationally with the most passionate dancers I know came up - I thought
to myself “let’s delay my retirement for another year...”

Which crews have you performed with?:
INQ (melb uni group with fellow rewinder STEVE), Dragons, REWIND, our close
friends Detour, Wickid Force and Beatphonik. Also performed with ‘the
Americans’ for Van Son 2004-2005 and Dance2xs for the You Got Served
promotional tour.

What has been your most memorable experience with Hip hop dance and why?:
Tough question Wes. I can't describe one MOST memorable experience.
Everytime i dance, whether it be in a class, at rehearsal or on stage, I’m
just so thankful to be given the ability to move and express myself in this
art form. To me, nailing new chory with friends is the best feeling.
Performing in front of a hyped audience is also amazing. Being a part of the
winning team at Shakedown 2006 has been the best achievement to date.

What are you looking forward to most about going to LA and competing at

I’m looking forward to a well earnt holiday!! I’m really excited about
travelling with my fellow Rewinders and hitting the rides at Disneyland and
Magic Mountain!!

In terms of the HHI competition, it will be eye opening to see what other
crews around the world have to give.

Do you have any tips for other hip hop dance crews or dancers?:
I’d say, if you love dancing – just do it. Make time for it. Train harder.
Get influenced by as many styles as possible. Listen to a wide variety of
music and beats. Practise. Be open-minded to criticism, be humble to
encouragement. Take a break – I often feel the urge to dance the most when I
haven’t for a while. It’s like renewing your passion. Absence of dancing
makes my heart grow fonder.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Picture Description: Another random pic from our most recent practice for HHI 2007.
(I'll try for something a bit more interesting next blog =p)

Well w'ere getting closer to that date as there is only a month and a half to go till HHI 2007 in Los Angeles. Although Wes is still working hard with getting our mix together, last nite we finally started to put these routines next to each other with the music we have and I must say im very proud of what we have installed for HHI. I cant give too much away, but all I can say is this show will be HHOOOTT~!~!

I can probably speak on everyones behalf and say that we are acheing badly! but its a huge relief and very rewarding to be able to picture what this show may look like. All will be worth it in the end. =)

Thanks for reading ... again, and check back soon .

Peace. Steve

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Vince- Turn the Page

Video Description: Vince does Bobby V with the gals from Dance2XS Melb

Hi again! Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend if your reading from Burn City OZ...

I'm back again with another hotness dance class featuring Vinces rendition of 'Turn the Page'. This has to be one of my favorite routines to date! This clip also features some past members of D2XS Melb - another crazy Melb dance crew. Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to leave us feedback!



Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Rewind HHI Crew- Interview with Lizbeth

Picture Description: The Blitz Dancer

I consider all individuals in Rewind as 'stand out' dancers. But if anyone stands out from the 'stand outs', its this gal. Her signature style and dancing strength has made her one of Australia's most talented female dancers- and a valued member of the Rewind family. Lizbeth is actually how you spell her name but we just call her Lizzie - and she can give the energizer bunny a run for his money on the dance stage...

Whats your Name?: Lizbeth Calingasan aka Blitz...aka S.O.U.L

How long have you been dancing?:
I've been dancing for 13 years going on 14 years now and won't stop until I need a hip replacement...even then I don't think I'll ever stop moving my feet. You can't stop SOUL.

Which crews have you performed with?:
I've performed with Wickid Force, Detour and currently perform with The Hip Hop Movement Crew as well as dancing with being one of the founding members of Rewind Dance Productions . All of these crews have dancers that are close to my heart and are responsible for shaping me into the dancer I am today :). Shout out to Nikki Ashby aka Essentz (The Movement Hip Hop Crew) ,Demilition Bgirl (The Movement Hip Hop Crew), Lenny aka Enigma, Carlo aka Bboy Jester, Archie (Wickid Force), George (Wickid Force, and Yasushi (Wickid Force, The Movement Hip Hop Crew, Fireworks). Of course a big thankyou to all my Rewind people - you guys move me.

What has been your most memorable experience with Hip hop dance and why?:
My most memorable experience with Hip Hop dance would be the day that I found it and how it saved me. The rest of the experiences I've had will always be a roller coaster ride but I will never forget where I came from and the reason I started Hip Hop - to express myself with artistic freedom.

My trip to LA in late 2006 for 3 months alone would have had to have been my greatest Hip Hop learning experience as I learnt styles not commonly found here in Australia and made friends from around the globe. As I went through this experience I couldn't help but wish my crew Rewind was there with me :D.

What are you looking forward to most about going to LA and competing at HHI?:
I'm looking forward mostly to spending time with my REWIND peeps and of course those others helping us reprazent under the REWIND banner - Anna (Detour), Acey (Detour), and Monica (Beatphonik). I love each and every one of these people and I can't wait to make our mark as Australian Dancers with them in LA. We've all done competitions and now it's time to see where we stand against the world. Of course it's all in love :D.

Do you have any tips for other hip hop dance crews or dancers?: quote for other dancers would be: 'Live life like there's no tomorrow, Work like you don't need the money, and Dance like no-one is watching you'. Dance because you love it and not for any other selfish reasons. 'Look for fame you'll lose your soul...Seek creativity and you will find it'. OH AND GOODLUCK TO ALL COMPETING...ONE LOVE...ONE WORLD...ONE PEACE.


Rewind Dance Productions
The Movement Hip Hop Crew

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Vince- Last Night

Video Description: Vince displaying the Rewind Style to Keyshia Cole feat P Diddy- Last Night

Vince being the technologically challenged person he is (how odd that he used to study IT) has heaps of AWESOME classes on video.

So as a present each week, i'll be posting these to this site for your viewing pleasure- Enjoy!

Let me know what you think...

Monday, 4 June 2007

The Signature Move

Picture Description: Do you own this 'move'?

Rewind are always very strict when it comes to adhering dance comp rules and regulations. Reading over the HHI (extended) rules and conditions I noticed one paragraph which i found very interesting:

"Crews originating and utilizing one of a kind “signature” moves in their routines to increase creativity and audience response are cautioned to limit their use and set up time to avoid the risk of not performing a sufficient amount of hip hop dance choreography necessary for a high scoring routine. Crews are encouraged to be fresh and imaginative and to follow their own style and identity when creating a routine. Avoid emulating or being influenced by past World Champions routines, as there is no distinct style of a winning routine. Be yourself and express your crew's diversity with passion, intensity and style."

"Signature moves?", I thought to myself. "Does Rewind have such a move?"...

Rewind certainly has a signature style that is distinct from other crews (Mainly due to our talented choreographer Vince). I've also seen breakers with a signature moves but a dance crew?

The line about not getting influenced by past HHI's brings me to believe that these 'signature' moves are the showy 'blow up' moves- like Trinidad's swimming effect or the Filo All Stars 'tricks' and aerials. In other words, don't rely on pony tricks for the crowd - shows us some style and chorey...

Maybe winning means finding that balance i guess. Its def something Cheekybombs was criticised with at Aus Shakedown 05 (Too much blow ups, not enough chorey). Either way I'll be interested to see how well we go, as our style is a force to be reckoned with. Oh, and we have a few pony tricks up our sleeve as well :)

What do you think makes you stand out? Do you have a signature move? Does your crew have one?

Friday, 1 June 2007


Picture Description: (Left to Right) Steve, Acey, Anna, Susana (Below), Vince, Liz, James and Monica

Well after taking a quick snapshot at one of our recent rehearsals, I can now reveal the gang that will be heading up to L.A to compete at the 2007 HHI. As mentioned earlier by Wes, certain Rewind members could not take the time off due to personal and work commitments and thus we have borrowed the talents from our close dance family; Anna and Acey from Detour as well as Monica from Beatphonik. (

We thank you guys for your dedication and know that this will be an awesome experience for us all. I love the diversity we have in this crew and just know that we will put together a mind boggling 2 min show of raw entertainment. I cant wait!!

Sorry to keep this blog so short, but if I talk too much, I'll have nothing left to say for the next one =p

Keep checking back for new updates and pics of our progress every few days. Thanks for reading.

Peace. Steve