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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The Final Results

Well the results are in with the top three placing like this:

World Battle Results:

3rd: Philippine All-Stars (Phillipines)
2nd: Kaba Modern (USA)
1st: Eclectik (Trinidad & Tobago)

I really dont have much info at the moment and i hope Steven can give us an inside scoop on how everything has gone so far!

So where did Rewind rank? Well, all I can say is that the qualifying round the night before already ranks the top 12 in the world going into the finals. The dance they perform in the qualifier is normally what is performed in the final, so the qualifying round would give us a good idea of what the final results would look like (Given they are using the same judges as the finals).

Why is the results from the qualifer different from the final? Well, i can only say that it would have come down to execution...One crew who may not have danced as well in the qualifer may have killed it in the finals (or vice versa).

Once i get a hold of the full top 12 ranks ill let you guys know. We'll also have a heap of videos of the event as well as a full video interview with the crew upon their return!

Its been a pretty full on week and I know the guys are pretty exhasted by the whole experience. Admittadly a part of me is disappointed, but I cant tell you how PROUD I am of Rewind and all the hard work they have put in for representing the Australian Hip hop Dance Industry, a now becoming a WORLD CLASS dance crew!

More updates to come,


Monday, 30 July 2007

Rewind (Aus) Qualifies 5th out of 38 Countries

Video Description: HHI 2006 DVD Trailer

Well Aussie people- feel proud of your representatives! Rewind out of 38 countries have come 5th in the pre-qualifer to the finals tomorrow night (Monday night, Australian time). That means Australia has made it into the top 12 in the world to compete in the finals! YAY! Steve and the crew have updated me via text so i haven't really got much for you at the moment except that they were up at 7am and they were still waiting for results at 12am that evening (17 hours later)...The top 5 qualified like this:

5th- Rewind (Australia)
4th- Physical Funk (Germany)
3rd- Philippine All-Stars (Philippines)
2nd- Eclectik (Trinidad & Tobago)
1st- Kaba Modern (USA)

The other crew in the final 12 to watch out for would be 7th qualifier, Dziah (NZ).

As for Psalms (Aus-Syd), I think they just arrived today and didn't make the cut. I asked myself, "Why would you travel half way across the world to arrive on the same day all jet lagged to perform at a world level?"...Some of my info is second hand so I'm hoping that i was wrong about that!

Right now they are resting, getting a good nights rest for tomorrow- The final showdown...


Keeping U Updated...

Thursday, 26 July 2007

A Quickie Update

Video Description: Rewind in LA!

Just some quick updates:

- Rewind assisted Aspirations Studios this year at HBIA AND Aspirations Director, Tracey is again, Senior Australian Hairdresser of the Year 2007! Thanks again to the Replay gals! Pics going up soon
- Rewind is training hard in the US at the moment for HHI this weekend! They'll be attending the US finals as well which is also this weekend...
- Rewind met the Pussycat dolls choreographer whilst shopping ;p and met up with some of our good friends of the Funkanometry crew (Sup 2 JP, RJ and Shannon!) who we have performed in Melb...
- Jacqui of Rewind, will be performing with Mishanda this weekend at Billboards (Friday 27th) as well as at DJ Perils new venue for Soul Clap- The Gravity Bar
- Added some new track for listening and/or downloading. Im feelin Israels new track with Fabolous- check out 'Songs in the spotlight' on the left side of this page
- DJ Atomiks new 'Cherry Mix' to download from this site Soon!

Keeping u Posted


Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The Rewind HHI Crew - Vince

Video Description: Interview with Vince for HHI

Vince, being Rewinds choreographer gets a special video interview! Check out the clip above for footage of Vince and the crew, taken 7am on the morning Rewind left for LA.

Vince's dance experience spans over more than 10 years now and he has performed for all the major Australian RnB or Hip-hop artists including Jade Macrae, J-Wess, Israel...just to name a few. He teaches at all the top Hip hop dance schools here in Melbourne and is a well respected choreographer throughout the Australian dance scene...and we all know respect is certainly something that is well earned. Video clips; TV appearances; Massive live shows and not to forget, leading Rewind to be the number 1 dance crew in Australia...What next for the superstar choreographer?...Sky's the limit!...

Monday, 23 July 2007

REWIND has 'L.A'nded =D

Picture Description: The Crew having dinner at Ruby's Diner

Heya Guys!!!.. its great to be here to post our first official blog while in Los Angeles. Eveveryone arrived safely after a long 14 hour flight. Anywho, I must say that the weather is beautiful here. It was about 30 degrees yesterday and today the sun is shining but not so humid.

What have we done so far you ask??? Well getting around is pretty tricky as w'ere getting used to driving on the opposite sides of the road and the traffic rules. Everywhere you go you almost have to get on the freeway everytime which is 7 lanes wide but still chocca's. This is like the land of SUV's and Chrome Wheels where almost every corner has a burger place.

All of us are still getting used to the tipping with food and adding tax to everything we pay for. Basically its the price of whatever we buy plus 8.25% tax. If we eat in a sit in restaurant, its price of the meal, plus tax, plus tip which is about 10-15%.

We havent started training as yet so just been doing some sight seeing, catching up with our fellow american buddies and shopping down Melrose Avenue which was awesome. (W'ere gonna go back cause we ran outta time. Its similar to Chapel Street but 100 times better!!!! While shopping at an awesome shoe store called Sportie L.A, we ran into the Choreographer who features in "Search for the Net Pussy Cat Doll' who happily took a happy snap with the girls...sorry i dont know his

We also stopped by Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio for a quick peak.

Tomorrow w'ere off to Disney Land for the day before our greulling traning starts.
Heres one of the many photos we have already taken, but for now, keep checking back for some updates.

I also have a video diary that I update regularly for Wes to tell you about our daily experiences but may be available pending editing by Wes when we get back.

Lots still planned ahead but thats the update for now.

I'd just like to say this we all miss you guys and thankyou to everyone for their support and well wishes.

Much Love. Steve and the whole Rewind Crew =D

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Striving for the X-factor

Picture Description: Has Rewind got all the pieces of the puzzle to win HHI?

Well, its a sad time for me. Tomorrow, I'll be waving goodbye to my crew as they step through the International gates and board the plane for a 20-something hour flight to Los Angeles. So although I'm sad, its an exciting time for Rewind. The whole of last week has been refining the performance adding bits and pieces here and there to enhance the show and to satisfy the competition criteria ... but is all this tweaking really enough?

There are so many factors that go into winning a competition- There are factors you can control: "Have you shown enough variety in your choreography?" - "Have you got enough formation changes?" - "Is the music time frame too long or short? (with no swearing...)" - "Are the costumes comfortable yet attractive?" ...then there are external factors like: "Who are you competing against?" - "Who's judging you and what is their background?"...

Considering all of that, there is also the x-factor (and I'm not talking about the TV show!). What is the X-Factor? I don't really know - but for me, its just 'something' that makes you say "that show is the one thats gonna win...". If there were two crews who did similar shows- its the x-factor that would separate the one that wins and the one that comes second. I guess I would call it the overall 'Entertainment' factor but somehow i think its more than that...

I think it has something to do with the chemistry of the dance crew coming together and sharing their passion for dance to the world. Friendship, positive teamwork, fun and enjoying what you love doing the most: all of that comes across on stage as well.

Time creeps up so quickly when you do large scale comps like HHI - Questions about whether you have done this or completed that....and you get lost in whats important in the dance show- to simply enjoy the moment.

So to my krew: be confident and show them how we do it in Australia BUT don't lose sight of why we started dancing in the first place- to inspire others and share our passion to the world!...

Questions: Whats your definition of the X-Factor?

Friday, 13 July 2007

Rewind performs this weekend!

Picture Description: The Game, this weekend

Next week Rewind is set to leave to go to the US to take on 30 countries from around the world to compete in the Hip hop international dance comp. The nerves are definitely kicking in for most of the crew as rehearsals become more intense.

Rewind performed a ‘closed door’ show for a dance industry audience only last week. The audience consisted of many of our dance mentors in Melbourne to get feedback on the current show and they had many constructive criticisms of our show. As a result, Vince and the crew have reviewed the show and have decided to go through with a number of changes to the show- The bad thing is for us is it almost like re-doing a whole new show. In particular, song choice is going through an overhaul- that would mean mix will go through its 10th draft (and that’s definitely not the last).

The feedback was important to get the show to a world standard level. But, time is running short now and with Rewind leaving next week, the pressure is on to get the dance completed. Good thing is, Rewind works well under pressure…

If you want to see the show yourself to give us feedback, Rewind is showcasing the performance this Saturday, 3pm at ‘The Game’ Krump Competition at MMA. Please come down and show your support! (Check out the flier above for the details)

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Rewind HHI Crew- Interview with Monica

Picture Description: Raw, Beatphonik talent- Monica

I first saw Monica as a crew member from the now disbanded, XS-Tekniq. In a short period of time, she has achieved a level style and execution that most dancers train years and years to obtain. This natural talent has lead her dance technique to be the envy of many female hip hop dancers in Melbourne. We're thankful and honored she has accepted to compete along side Rewind and with her involvement and I dont think we could have asked for a stronger line up of female dance talent for the HHI comp...(Watch out HHI...Mwahahahaha!)

Whats your full Name?: Monica Rivo

How long have you been dancing?:
I've been dancing since mid-2004..

Which crews have you performed with?:
I am forever grateful to XS-Tekniq, performing with this crew introduced me into the dance scene. Have also performed with Hey Mamma (collaboration with Vikings girls). Have been fortunate to dance with Rewind previously, alongside our American friends for a Van Son show. I am currently in Detour & Beatphonik with whom I've grown as a dancer in both crews. Love you guys! A huge thank you to all, especially the above, who've aided me through the journey so far. Your encouragement keeps me going.

What has been your most memorable experience with Hip hop dance and why?:
The memorable experiences have been throughout rehearsals, events & comps - particularly the 'Chess' show with Beatphonik.

As well as the wave of emotions whether it be the adrenalin generated by the cheers from the crowd, the uplifting feeling when executing choreography or the joy after a performance. It's been awesome to be able to share it all with my family BP. It's also been memorable to have met many great people, formed close friendships, not to mention meeting my beautiful guy James. It's been very rewarding to have inspired others to pursue dancing too!

Something quite unforgettable to me is a memory which begun years ago when I never knew hip hop dance crews existed. I watched in awe of Rewind performing at Mercury Lounge. During the dance I can recall saying to my mates, "Wow... I want to dance with them". From that memory I viewed Rewind a pioneer in the hiphop dance scene. They're a good bunch of friends who I still admire, and now it's an honor to compete against the world with you guys..... yippeeeee!

What are you looking forward to most about going to LA and competing at HHI?:
Am definitely looking forward to the warm weather & spending QT with Rewind. We'll be hitting the theme parks, taking dance classes, shopping & visiting our American buddies. In terms of competing at HHI, I can't wait to meet & watch the other talents from around the world and performing at such a high-level comp. The nerves & excitement will be flying high no doubt!

Do you have any tips for other hip hop dance crews or dancers?:
Some tips for aspiring dancers and those who are just starting out.. Dance with passion. If you love it, go for it. Encouragement helps but believe in yourself. Feedback will help you improve. Challenge yourself - attempt & experiment with different styles and practice makes perfect!

All the best,


Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Rewind HHI Crew- Jaimez

Picture Description: James (but call him Jaimez- he hates James)

To give you some background, Jamiez originally started his dance career in Sydney. I first saw him perform many, many years ago in a crew called 463. When he moved to Melbourne about a year later Jaimez joined a new Melbourne crew called XLR8 (of which I was also a member). Eventually, in 2000, XLR8 joined with another crew called 'The Renegades' and we decided to rename the new collaboration as 'Rewind'. Fast forward to 2007, Jaimez takes to the world stage in the HHI as an original Rewinder with an extensive performance history and dance experience. He continues to develop and evolve his style - and his talent, dedication to the dance and friendship is a major part of why Rewind is so successful today...

Whats your full Name?: James Bryan Fermalin.

How long have you been dancing?:
A very long time... and continuing to train & work on different styles...

Which crews have you performed with?:
Sydney Crews: XLR8, Oh Shore (aka 463), Recently featured with Beatphonik for Groove '07

REWIND for life!

What has been your most memorable experience with Hip hop dance and why?:
Meeting most of my close mates through the opportunities in dancing with other crews from Sydney & Melbourne. Being a part Rewind - my family...and meeting my girlfriend Monica... phwooaah (Your so sweet Jaimez! ~Wez)

What are you looking forward to most about going to LA and competing at HHI?:
The experience of competing against other countries and meeting the other crews. Plus the fun that we're gonna have, experiencing it all with my crew.. Just wish the rest of us could have made it... next time!!!

Do you have any tips for other hip hop dance crews or dancers?:
Keep dancing.. do as many classes as you can. Dance because you love it and enjoy it.. not for the fame.

Picture Description: Jamiez and Monica, from BP

Monday, 2 July 2007

A Weekend Review of Entertainment in Melbourne...

Thought I'd cover what Rewind has been up to other than the HHI. It was a bit of a struggle to get up Monday morning as I had quite an eventful weekend - International artists, Dance shows, Modeling, Djing, Musicals and Movies- Its damn tiring but I love the Entertainment industry :).

Friday night-

After my set at Bass Lounge, hopped over to my resident club Platform 1 to meet and check out Q from 112. His show wasn't too bad and he sang quite a few songs and worked the crowd really well. 112 haven't had too many hits lately, and his tour had an obvious link to his upcoming solo album as well as a new one from the 112 boys. The club was packed as expected with other local talent performing as well as the some of the Viking dancers. Can't wait for the next few acts: Amongst them is Bobby Brown (Humping Around, My Prerogative) and Cassie (Me and You, produced by Ryan Leslie) who is coming out to Melbourne in a month or so...


I caught the afternoon show of Miss Saigon. Musicals have have recently become something of a phenomenon for me, fusing dance, music and production at its highest quality. The talent in this show is unbelievable and I recommend that anyone into dance or entertainment production see this show.

Next week, Rewinds sponsor, Aspirations Hair will hold another 2 entries to the Catwalk competition at the annual "Hair in Fashion Australia" expo (This year at the Melbourne Convention center) with production supported by the Rewind team. I went to their rehearsals that evening to see how things were going and who the hotties were this year. ( for more info about the event)

Headed off to Hush Bar that evening and after rockin the crowd with my set, I met Vinnie from Naughty By Nature (OPP, Hip hop hooray, Holiday...) who was promoting the Roc the Block tour. It was great to meet a member of Naughty as they were a huge influence for me growing up in the hip hop scene.

Amongst other things happening this weekend was the Wanted Dance Hip hop dance comp (Judged by Vince, Liz and Robot girl) and Rehearsals for Czarinas upcoming album launch, also choreographed by Vince (I'll be Djing there too). Stay tuned for that.

Lastly, took some time out on Sunday to watch another huge influence for me growing up- Transformers! I must say that 'Transformers' is a great movie that everyone should watch!

3 Weeks to go to HHI...Keepin you posted