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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Rewind HHI Crew- Interview with STEVE

Picture Description: Steve

As I mentioned, I'll be interviewing various members for the crew that are going to LA for HHI. First up is Steve! Steve will also be reporting back to you from LA on this blog to give you an insight whilst Rewind is over there...

Whats your full Name?: Steven Wong

How long have you been dancing?: Started taking classes in 2002/2003.

Which crews have you performed with?: INQ (Melbourne Uni Dance Group), Dragons, Liquid Express, a bit of freelancing and now of course REWIND =D

What has been your most memorable experience with Hip hop dance and why?:
My most memorable experience has honestly been the friendships I’ve built through dancing. Its just like any other hobby where you meet a whole bunch of great people that you can relate to in one way or another. Oh yeh.. and winning a major dance competition with Rewind last year being Shakedown Crew Challenge 2006. That was one of my best nights ever! woo woo!!

What are you looking forward to most about going to LA and competing at HHI?: Very much so looking forward to the whole experience of meeting all the other crews. How often can you meet 25 different nationalities at once? Hopefully we can hang out with some of the other crews and run a muck around L.A!! Shopping for those rare items of clothing and shoes will be mad too, and trying to finish a super sized meal and heading to the adventure parks!!!!

Do you have any tips for other hip hop dance crews or dancers?: My tip for any aspiring dancers are those that are already in a crew. If you have a passion for something. Go for it, cause you never know where it will take you. Dont let others tell you otherwise. Its your dream, and only you can make it happen.

Thanks for all the support and wish us well in L.A!. Its an honour to represent Australia. ^_-

Peace. Steve

Jacqui (Rewind) and Mishanda at Odeon

Picture Description: Tracys Girls on stage at Odeon

For stuff thats happening on the side, It was an eventful Monday night as Tracy (Rewind's Award winning stylist) puts on a show at Odeon Nightclub at Crown Casino for ECO Hair products.

Some way to spend a Monday night! This was in the lead up to ECOs competition in Sydney where the girls will perform as well...

Posted some pics and a short vid for ya'll with Jacqui from Rewind Representing...

(Nice Chorey Michelle!)

Friday, 25 May 2007

Early Updates - 2 months to go...

Picture Description:Detour- Ana C, Kriss, Jayee, Anna A, Mandy and Acey

Ill be posting up interviews with all the member who are actually going to LA for this comp over the next month. Theres only a max of eight dancers allowed to compete. If you have been watching our shows over the last few months you would have noticed the crew grow to 15 dancers. Dilemmas!

In fact, the talented Detour crew and Rewind have been collaborating for some time now and as some of the Rewind crew were not able to compete (myself being one of them) it seems only natural that Detour was the first crew we turned to. We are also borrowing talent from another well known Melbourne crew, Beatphonik. I'll be chatting more to you about the individuals going down the track...

Whilst in LA, Steve will be updating you on the progress and status of the Hip hop competition to give you an insight over there.

Right now, i have to put my head down. Whilst Rewind is training up at Wesley College and United Styles, I'm busting my creative brain mixing a 2 min track for the guys and gals to dance to. I'm actually having trouble fitting a good mix of songs in such a short period of time. *Sigh*...actually, I'll come back to it later as i gotta leave to DJ now at Hush Bar, Melb Central...Till my next update...

Does anyone have any cool songs they can suggest?

"Rewind Dancers" vs "49 cent Tuna"

Picture Description: I think we need to sue some one at coles...

Whats a brand? According to our trust worthy friend Wikipedia:

"A brand is a symbolic embodiment of all the information connected to the product and serves to create associations and expectations around it. A brand often includes a logo, fonts, color schemes, symbols, and sound, which may be developed to represent implicit values, ideas, and even personality."

Rewind had its name and logo developed after our first gig. The little backward arrows with the swooshing arrow around it can been seen in much of our shows, on costumes or even props- After 7 years however it has become more than a logo- We hope our name and history has created expectations around what we can and have delivered to the Aussie hip hop dance scene...Let me ask you though, if you saw that sign above at Coles, were thinking "Australia's top dance crew" or "49cent cans for Tuna special..."

Although there was no qualifying comp from Australia to get into Hip hop International, we were invited last year but due to other commitments weren't able to go. Maybe there will be a qualifying comp in OZ soon- we arn't not too sure. I just wanted to clear the air for any other crew that was looking at going this year...

Don't worry- we intend to do the best we can to represent OZ and put us on the map...

Picture Description: Rewind Cash- Thrown to the crowd at our Las Vegas Show- worth more than Monopoly Money...

Do you have a crew? Have you just started one? how do you brand yourself?

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Hip hop International- The Event

Picture: Rewind takes out Australia's Shakedown 06 Hip hop Dance Comp

The 28th and 29th of July will be a huge day for Hip hop dancers all over the world...

"The World Hip Hop Championship is an annual event produced by Hip Hop International, a Los Angeles based live event and television production company. The 2007 World Hip Hop Championship takes place July 28-29 in Los Angeles. The three-day event features panel workshops with legendary Hip-Hop dancers, an urban moves dance workshop, a popping and locking contest and more." (

As I understand the event has just been getting bigger and bigger every year. This year participating (according to…

"USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Trinidad & Tobago, Nigeria, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Latvia, South Africa, Australia, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Mongolia, Morocco, Portugal, Bahamas, Belgium and more to come…"

Did you see Australia in that list? I guess I can reveal now that REWIND will be representing Australia in this competition! WOOT! I couldn't really say anything until now as the registrations and crew selection process was not final.But its locked in. Crew has been finalised - now the pain starts. I say pain because as dance competitions go, for the crew, it ain’t a walk in the park. It involves late nights and many many hours of rehearsal.

Although it is only a 2 MIN show- every 10 seconds of a song equates to many many hours of pain, happiness, frustration....*sigh*. The emotions will eventually be captured on film next year- Hosted by American Idol's, Randy Jackson they are planning to make a reality TV series around a single crew and the Hip hop international dance comp. Will make good viewing but i think they have that on their plate for next year...More posts to come :)

Does anyone know who entered from Australia last year (if there was any)?

"Rewind vs the world" blog begins...

“Rewind vs the world” blog begins……and what a sweet beginning it is. I’m excited because 1) I love reading blogs and this is MY first proper blog, and 2) because this is will be of interest to any dancer who’s part of a crew and wants to be the best crew in the world!…

In the world? You don’t know what I’m on about? Ahm, ahhh…well I better start from the beginning.

ME? I’m Wez- I dance in a dance crew called REWIND from Melbourne, Australia. It’s a nice little corner of the world. Rewind is a collective of 8 individual and talented dancers specializing in various styles of Hip Hop dance. I wouldn’t say Hip hop is THE most popular dance style here- not compared to Jazz, Ballet or other trained styles. To describe it, Hip hop dancing is “street”, “urban”, “raw”… and out here it is very much a sub culture that is slowly growing. There were almost no crews doing what we do when we started dancing together 7 years ago…

Today, I’m happy to say there are many crews (you guys call em ‘teams’ in the US)- each with different goals- dancing for fun…friendship…fitness…money..fame……or just to be the best damn crew there is.

We try to aim for all of the above ;P. For some shows however, we don’t care so much about the money, or the fame, or the fitness- It’s just about being the best- the rest is just a bonus…

I guess this is why I’m starting this blog.

Video: Phillipine All Stars: The Best in the World?

What does it take to be the best crew in the world? And is winning really everything?

..or are you just saying “What the hell are you talking about”…Well…Ill let you in on a secret later this month…